Friday, February 23, 2007

My top ten favorite walls

I think this was a temporary paint job for a museum in Japan... but it reminds me that totally amazing graffiti is rare. Like the flying penis in the Solano tunnel. Or the crazy drawings in the Long Life Vegi House bathroom. Sigh.

But I guess this is corporate graffiti... isn't it. With that in mind. Moonite led graffiti and Andy Kaufman stickers were not awesome. The weird linux triptych that IBM did was. Any instances of people making FEAR stencils with the long box the CD used to come in also ruled.

Do you remember when cds came in long cardboard boxes? So did tapes, for a time.


Echo said...

ohh! i <3 this so much!

Yedna said...

Hey, I recognize that bunny. That's Miffy!

I too remember the long cardboard boxes for cds. I was always torn on whether to keep them or not.

nathaniel russell said...

nothing can top the flying wang in solano tunnel.
except the graffiti i saw behind the art supply store: "dog balls/cat nuts"