Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Dolphin Dying of a Broken Heart

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Dying Of A Broken Heart

A dolphin is dying of a broken heart after its beloved trainer was killed by her neighbour in a frenzied attack.

Mary G was rescued from the Adriatic Sea and nurtured back to full health by Tamara Monti at the Oltremare water park in Riccione, Italy.

But the 37-year-old was stabbed to death at her flat by neighbour Alessandro Doto.

He claimed he had been driven mad by the constant barking of Ms Monti's two dogs.

Now Mary G is refusing her diet of milk and squid and has lost 50kg in weight. She has also failed to respond to treatment for a gastric infection.

Leonardo Stanzani, the park's director, said Ms Monti had become the dolphin's "substitute mother".

"The relationship between a dolphin and its trainer is always special but this time it was especially close," Mr Stanzani told The Times.

"Tamara was constantly stroking Mary, who would nuzzle her cheek."

Keepers are hoping the introduction of an older dolphin called Pele into Mary G's aquarium will help cheer her up.


nathaniel russell said...

thanks for ruining my day.
shouldn't that tear be coming out of the blowhole?

minardi said...

Yes, it should. Hopefully Pele will cheer her up a bit. Sigh.

nathaniel russell said...

the soccer player?

minardi said...

Yes, him

bkracer said...

time to go weep in the dark for a little while...

bkracer said...

on the bright side:


I saw this a few days ago in the advertising console thing in the elevator at my school. It tells me really random stuff. Today it said cute endangered species were more likely to survive than ugly ones.