Monday, February 12, 2007

The best house in the world (or a giant peach of one's own)

At some point in my life I'd like to live in a dome house. This one claims to be Earthquake resistant, flood proof (when the floods come, the house floats) and more. I think I'm most attracted to the floating element because I've always secretly wanted to live out James and the Giant Peach. Now when California sinks into the ocean, I can float to Japan and thank the inventor of my awesome house in person. Plus, there's no chance of sharks eating my peach/house. This one is made of wood!

The website also suggests using the space as a cafe, which kind of appeals to me.

Buy yours now at
(spotted at treehugger)

UPDATE: actually... the absence of a bathroom might be a deal-breaker.
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nathaniel russell said...

you should turn into an internet cafe called Floaty Grounds. you could have a wireless potty.

Echo said...

i'll live in a floating dome house with you anytime. as long as you don't mind if i get seasick.

bkracer said...

what's up with the cow in that 3rd picture? things seem a little off scale. although maybe they'll have giant genetically modified cows in the future.