Monday, February 5, 2007

Alabama couple does bed-in protest to Iraq war! Might actually be better than John and Yoko's!



I hate war and everything, but this is totally lame. Or it's meta-awesome. So are they getting in and out of bed to do volunteer literacy work by day, and they just sleep in the living room? Or do they stay there all day and the illiterate come to them? Do they get to watch TV? If anyone knows, please inform!

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Ala. couple stages bed-in for peace
Published: Feb 05, 2007 at 1:14 PM
Mobile, Ala. (UPI)
A Mobile, Ala., married couple has resurrected a protest technique created by John Lennon and Yoko Ono -- the bed-in.

Ernie and Lynn Seewer said they moved their bed from the bedroom to the living room in protest of the Iraq war, the Mobile Register reported Monday.

"I tried doing the serious thing," said Lynn Seewer, a volunteer literacy tutor. "I've tried, you know, writing letters and making phone calls and e-mails and the proper channels, and that's gotten me nowhere."

The Seewer's then decided to adopt the bed-in practice created 40 years ago by the late Beatle and his wife to promote peace at hotels in Amsterdam and Montreal.

Ernie Seewer said the bed-in will last until the Iraq war ends.

He said although the couple's protest is of a far smaller scale than the one staged by Lennon and Ono, the couple hopes others might join in their demonstration.

"Maybe we can encourage people to put their beds in their living room for peace until the war is over," Ernie said.


nathaniel russell said...

i am beginning a two week hbo-in, where i lay on the floor and watch dvd's of every hbo series on dvd. beginning with Disorderlies starring the Fat Boyz.

minardi said...

I hope it doesn't overlap my hobo-in... where I pretend I'm a hobo. That's basically it.