Wednesday, February 7, 2007

When the "i" in ipod stands for illegal, etc.

Did you hear that New York State Senator Carl Kruger is looking to institute a $100 fine for using "electronic devices" (ipod, blackberries, etc) while crossing the street? Well I did, and I think it's about time. If possible, I'd like to tag on another bill forbidding the use of cell phones while conducting customer service transactions (on both sides.)

Is it legal to use devices that jam cell phones in enclosed spaces? I think I'd like one of those too. Next time one of my friends plays "solo accoustic", I won't have to hear some total idiot talking on their cell. Or texting. Wait... strike that. Block calls, but not texting.

By the way, did you know that originally (for apple, anyway), the "i" prefix was for internet? I did. Now we have something in common, me and you!


bkracer said...

i was just wondering that the other day, about the "i".

nathaniel russell said...

i thought the "i" stood for "minardI"

bkracer said...

did you hear how i think it is ny senator schumer is proposing a fine for using electronic devices while crossing the street? ipods, phones etc. suffice to say new yorkers ain't diggin it.

minardi said...

Yeah, I think the ipod fine is actually quite stupid, but it does point out how people need to become more mindful when using electronic devices.

While other people's behavior has yet to botehr me, I've found myself veering in front of cars whilst "jamming to my tunes."

I still think there should be a fine for talking on a phone while conducting retail transactions.