Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Grossest Donut Ever

Last week me and Nat went to get doughnuts at an undisclosed location, and on impulse I ordered a "creme-filled" chocolate covered doughnut with raspberry gel on top. Interestingly, the "base" was a regular doughnut where the hole was filled with an actual doughnut hole. There is no picture, other than the image seared in my brain.


Anonymous said...

Hey - totally off the subject of donuts...but, I knew you in Jr. High! :)

jp said...

dude. um. check out my blog. i posted something special for you.

oh and i didn't know you in Jr. High! whenever "anonymous" says anything, it's creepy.

Mandy said...

ha ha...don't worry. I'm not creepy. It's Mandy Smith - Just tryin' to say hi to old friends. You sound like you're doing well, John. Please say hi to Rich for me. I hope your family is well. You can look me up on myspace if you want...I broke down and joined the cult. Take care!

D$ E said...

Does this make you feel better?

D$ E said...

If not. How about this?

lavender cowboy said...

wow, what kind of person does it take to come up with such a ... i can't possibly call it a pastry, can i? did you really eat that thing?

minardi said...

Whoa -- so many comments...

1. Jr high! I remember that!
2. jp -- I looked, and yes, anonymous is creepy
3. Oh -- it was mandy! Not creepy at all!
4, 5. Yes -- both make me feel better!
6 Yes -- I ate the whole thing.