Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Crazy Food

When did food get this freaked out? OK, I know it was crazy when I was a kid -- but this is frightening. My food characters jumped through walls and punched things, but they looked laid back. All of the characters in the cereal aisle tonight looked maniacal and overly enthusiastic. Lucky Charms is the scariest, and Trix does the best job of translating unbridled joy. Maybe I've been spending too much time eating puffins and peanut butter bumpers to notice what was going on in the world of "big cereals." Please note the detail of the Coco Puffs kid.


Anonymous said...

I came across your blog inadvertantly but have been laughing my a-- off reading it all morning instead of working at my now lackluster job in higher ed administration. Thanks for the laughs.

This is how I came to find your blog. You see, I have a google alert set up for myself. No, I'm not conceited. It's just that once I heard form some so-called internet expert that you should do this to maintain privacy and security online ...blah blah blah. Well, with a name like Coco Minardi, you can understand why I have never received an alert in the two + years since setting it up.

This morning--BAM--I got my first alert. It was about the "Coco" puffs kid in the blog entry posted by "Minardi." Pretty cool, huh?

I promise to visit your log again whenever I need a laugh. I loved the black Lois Lane comic. And by the way, I share my birthday with Jodi Foster. Mo'Nique's much cooler.

minardi said...

Wow -- thanks. Always good to hear about other minardis out there.

simone said...

dude, after getting a comment on your blog from 'coco minardi', this is all you had? duuuude.

minardi said...

I know, I'm still processing.