Monday, April 23, 2007

The Death Blog Cometh

I don't know why I keep posting obituaries... but here's another: Yeltsin!

RIP. He seemed like he liked to have fun. I used to work with a lady named Yellen -- she always made me think of Yeltsin (because the names sound similar.)


jip said...

go death blog go! ive been meaning to call you. we need to commune about how much we want to see tomatoes on the vine. :)

minardi said...

We just planted some! In the garden!

Hey -- btw, what happened to comments on your inter-blog?

broadwaybabe said...

death is an intriguing thing to me always has been

jip said...

i kicked the comments to the curb. as you already knew. i'm going for the profblog effect. the expert commentless blog. but i might be able to be convinved to be more democratic. i dunno.