Friday, March 9, 2007

Sometimes I Feel like Cathy During Bathing Suit Season

Music journalism is singularly awful. I read a review this afternoon of some indie rock band where the author compared "the scrappy fivesome's" sound to" The Pretty Things, Television, Chuck Berry and 80s SoCal punk".

This is totally lazy uninformed referentialism. The only bands that sound like Chuck Berry are from Japan. Nobody sounds like a combination of all of these things. 80s SoCal punk is not a valid reference. I went to the band's website, and they sound like an ipod crossed with the Violent Femmes.

Maybe Erik Spiekermann can redesign journalism too.


nathaniel russell said...

your blog is like if bill gates went to high school in an eskimo boarding school and played foozball with l. ron hubbard and they started a band that played only dub versions rupert holmes songs. on acid.

Echo said...

but i feel like garfield on mondays...when there is no lasagna.